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Overcomer Techniques

Strategies for living for God at the highest level. This is tradecraft for those who care nothing for the world, but only want God.

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Against The Arians by Hilary of Poitiers

This is a new translation of a book written by a Nicene-Council-Era Church Father who was forced out of his church when the Arian Heretics caused the institutional apostasy of the church. This book is helpful for one main reason: because Hilary belived that apostasy was an eschatological (end times) event that he lived through. This book was helpfully quoted by John Calvin in his institutes. We are offering this book in the Public Domain and as a kindle download.

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Seven Years Street Preaching in San Francisco by William Taylor

The Account of a Wesleyan Methodist Street Preacher who arrived to San Francisco during the 1849 Goldrush. He records entertaining annecdotes of his (very successful) attempts to bring order and godliness to the city of San Francisco. He also has the best apologetic for why one should preach on the streets that we have seen recorded.

The Nature And Causes of Apostasy by John Owen

This is John Owen's theological tragedy. Writing at the end of the golden puritan era, Owen was observing an apostasy from the gospel at scale in England. He briefly exposits Hebrews VI, then proceeds to diagnose the danger of apostasy, why it is near to every generation of Christians, and what its causes and effects are.

We are publishing this book free on, nicely reformatted from older versions that were photocopied from hundreds of years prior. We have also aimed to translate Owen's foreign language quotations where possible. We also are making a hardback and paperback edition available as well.

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Apostate Church: The Case for Forsaking the Assembly by Nate Hoover

"Don't forsake the assembling of our own selves together" - Hebrews 10:25.

This verse is the one-two knockout punch for those who defend church attendance as mandatory for Christians. But does this verse mean you must always attend a church service, or have your name on a membership roll of a local church to be faithful?


In normal seasons of Church history, the author would have no dispute with such a claim, but in times of apostasy, the word is not to assemble with her, but "Come out of her O my people that you not share in her judgments" (Jesus in Revelation 18). Nate demonstrates the church as it exists in denominations and local gatherings is not the true church to faithfully assemble with, but rather to come out of. Nate puts forward a positive position in place of assembling which allows the New Covenant's superiority over the Old in regard to the sufficiency of the prophets. The Prophets were safe alone, and so is the true believer.




A History of The Work of Redemption by Jonathan Edwards

Originally a Sermon Series at his chruch in Northampton, MA, Jonathan Edwards intended to trace the work of God throughout human history. He never got to edit the work presented here before he died of complications following a Smallpox vaccination. 

Here we see the God-honored mind of Edwards scan the pages of time, looking for the trace of God not only in Biblical History but up to his day, and to our own.

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